Is it time to take your solution or product to market or to take it to the next level?

We offer a phone consulting packageYour own value funnel in three 1h calls

Learn exactly how to attract a constant flow of pre-qualified leads and paying customers to your brand or solution

1st call: your personal mission and vision for a community (a specific niche), your audiologo for "covert" social marketing,
2nd call: your value funnel, how helping others can create your own tribe, eliminate any competition and filter bad customers (pay low, high drama) from the beginning,
3rd call: new apps and the know-how on how to become a "knowledge sherpa" for your tribe of readers and paying clients.
Our current fee: $60 per hour of phone consulting

All phone consulting is a) pre-paid, and b) has a 100% warranty of your money back, no questions asked, if we don't create far more value that the price paid.That is how confident we are in the value of our model and its immediate results for your businesses.

Paypal: [email protected]
Three sessions: $180
Every call has a 100% money back guarantee at the end. If the value created doesn't exceed the price, I transfer you your money back immediately.
If you're not ready to book now (with the button above), just introduce yourself below these lines so we can deal with any questions you have.

Please watch this intro to what we can do for you (includes success stories):

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